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"A search for new interactions at Belle II using leptons"

This is the official page of the research team "InterLeptons" at the High Energy Physics Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The team, led by Dr. Gianluca Inguglia, is funded under the grant agreement nr. 947006 of the Starting Grant award offered by the European Research Council (ERC). The research activities of the team will be described and kept up-to-date on these pages.
The aim InterLeptons is to unveil the new physics nature of the so-called flavor anomalies implementing a bottom-up approach based on the studies of data collected at the Belle II experiment, located in the interaction region
of the Super-KEKB collider. The team focuses on final state events containing leptons and a large amount of missing energy. The results of the searches will be interpreted in terms of low mass dark matter, new forces/interactions, and in terms of lepton flavor violating and lepton flavor non-universal couplings.

InterLeptons brings a significant advancement of a new research area in Austria with the potential of revolutionizing particle physics.


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07/01/2021, 01:47 PM

Welcome on board Petar!

Petar Rados just joined our team in the hunt for new physics. Petar arrived to our team after a 3-year postdoc fellowship at DESY and will work as postdoc in our team. He will focus mainly in the the precision...   More

06/01/2021, 10:29 AM

Welcome on board Geraldine

Geraldine Raeuber just joined the team as a PhD student! She will be working on the precision test of lepton flavor universality in hadronic tau decays and in the determination of the CKM matrix element V_us....   More

05/28/2021, 02:52 PM

The group joins the Belle II effort to measure P5'

If a new lepton flavor non-universal interaction exists, this might affect some specific observable quantities in B-meson decays. One possibility is the decay B->to K*ll. This decay, suppressed in the standard...   More

05/06/2021, 01:34 PM

Anomalies and Precision in the Belle II Era - Workshop

We are happy to announce the workshop on "Anomalies and Precision in the Belle II Era", where all anomalies and possible experimental results and measurements will be discussed. The workshop will have a hybrid...   More

04/07/2021, 06:08 PM

Growing anomalies, also in the magnetic moment of the muon

We congratulate members of the Muon g-2 experiment for their recent results on the study of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Their finding confirms a previously observed trend that deviates from the...   More

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