Pushing the boundaries of knowledge
"A search for new interactions at Belle II using leptons"

InterLeptons @HEPHY

The InterLeptons project is implemented in Vienna at the Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW).

With more than 60 scientists and technical staff, 18 of which working on the Belle/Belle II experiment, HEPHY is the largest centre in Austria for studies of experimental and theoretical fundamental physics.
In terms of pure research in fundamental physics HEPHY counts on the activities of four different groups with focus on 1) Belle and Belle II experiments, 2) Dark matter experiments, 3) theoretical physics, and 4) CMS experiment, besides other activities in studies for future experiments and the development of algorithms and software for high energy physics, development of semiconductor detectors in an own clean room and contribution to scientific computing operating one of CERN’s grid computing station. In terms of scientific computing HEPHY also offers a cluster of computers with most advanced graphic units that are used in machine and deep learning development and will be of great help for this project.
Our team is part of the HEPHY "Belle II Low Multiplicity and Dark Sector" group led by the P.I. and great benefits are foreseen by direct collaboration with existing members (funded by the FWF standalone project P 31361-N36, Search for Dark Matter and Dark Forces at Belle II). The team also benefit of the participation in the JENNIFER 2 consortium (a MSCA of the RISE program under the grant agreement nr. 822070) where the P.I. is (co-) coordinator of the task 1.4 "Dark Sector Searches".