Pushing the boundaries of knowledge
"A search for new interactions at Belle II using leptons"

Research papers

  • Search for lepton-flavor-violating τ decays to a lepton and an invisible boson at Belle II, [preprint].
  • Search for an invisible Z′ in a final state with two muons and missing energy at Belle II, [preprint].
  • Snowmass White Paper: Belle II physics reach and plans for the next decade and beyond, [preprint].
  • Search for a dark photon and an invisible dark Higgs boson in μ+μ− and missing energy final states with the Belle II experiment, [preprint], [Physical Review Letters].
  • Towards excluding a light Z′ explanation of b→sℓ+ℓ−, [preprint], [Physical Review D].
  • Testing Lepton Flavor Universality with Pion, Kaon, Tau, and Beta Decays, [preprint], [Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science].
  • Punzi-loss: A non-differentiable metric approximation for sensitivity optimisation in the search for new particles, [preprint], [The European Physical Journal C]